The top 10 hotels here in Israel


    Hi, Asaf here from Shin Luxury Tours. We guide people through Israel, immersing them in meaningful
    experiences so they leave the country inspired by travel. After designing in 2019 over 2000 experiences
    to Israel. Our knowledge and our secrets about the top 10 hotels here in Israel.
    Check it out.

    King David Hotel in Jerusalem

    Number one, the King David Hotel in Jerusalem after being around for over a century. This hotel is the
    most famous hotel in Israel. It has unbelievable reputation and it’s a stunning hotel, but make sure not
    to book the standard rooms because they’re very, very old and dark.

    Some will say even feel like a dungeon. However, if you go “to or two?” categories up, which is actually the only category you should
    book in The King David Hotel, which is the most expensive hotel in Jerusalem, you should book a category called Deluxe Old city view, top floors and opposed to Deluxe old city view category, which is cheaper. Deluxe old city view is not renovated.

    If you add a couple of dollars, you go to Deluxe old city view top floors, which is a renovated floor, and then you have the combination of a classy hotel that is historic with a modern room to ensure a luxury high end vacation here in Jerusalem.

    The King David hotel has a marvelous pool. You, you can hang around the outdoor swimming pool and
    have a drink afternoon after touring or doing whatever you do in Jerusalem.

    The Orient Hotel

    Number two, the Orient Hotel. The Orient is the most modern luxury recently built hotel in Jerusalem. It
    has a stunning infinity pool on its roof top overlooking the old city of Jerusalem.

    Everything is marvelous there. The location is good. It’s walking distance to the old city. Their breakfast is is(no need twice)
    special and opposed to the traditional Israeli lavish buffet where you just have loads of loads of food.

    And the Orient Hotel is divided into sectors you have for each neighborhood of Jerusalem, it’s own
    typical food which makes you know your stay in the Oriental Hotel too very interesting.

    The David Citadel hotel

    Number three, the David Citadel hotel. The David Citadel hotel is well located. It’s just next to Manila
    (Mamila) Avenue. It’s where you want to be.

    It has a nice old city view, but like the King David hotel, you will want to go to the renovated rooms, go to a category called Deluxe old city view in the David Citadel hotel.

    The Norman Hotel

    Number four, the Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv. The Norman hotel in Tel Aviv is the hotel with the best
    service in Israel. The people there are kind.

    The staff there is constantly smiling. You can’t get enough of them. They have a nice infinity pool on the rooftop. The rooms are relatively small but well designed.
    The breakfast there is very nice but not kosher and none of the rooms have a nice view of the sea.

    The location of it is well centered. It’s near Rosschild (Rothschild) Avenue. You can get around easily wherever you go. A buck, it’s around 15 to 20 minute walk to the nearest beach.

    The Carlton Tel Aviv

    Number five, the Carlton Tel Aviv. The Carlton is actually on the beach. You literally wake up in the
    morning and see the beautiful Mediterranean sea in front of you.

    A very good value, kids friendly. We highly recommend it. The breakfast there is good. The location is well located and it’s just good value for money.

    The Royal beach

    Number six, the Royal beach Tel Aviv is also on the sea. In other words, you need to go down and cross
    the street to get to the beach. All of its rooms have Sea-view.

    However, because it’s a modern and recently built hotel, the rooms are relatively smaller, so keep that in mind. They’re well-designed, but
    they’re relatively smaller for the Royal beach hotel.

    The Beresheet hotel

    Number seven, Beresheet hotel. Many of our past clients say this is one of the most beautiful hotels
    they ever stayed in.

    It’s built on the edge of the Ramon crater, so you’d get a beautiful, beautiful view to the Ramon crater, which is one of the most magnificent phenomenons in the world.
    Bear in mind that in order to get a crater view, obviously you need to book a room with a crater view.

    The facilities there are unbelievable. It’s just a great place for relaxed downtime leisure. People who check in there really have a very challenging time to check out.

    The Setai Sea

    Number eight, the Setai Sea of Galilee. In the Galilee area, the Northern part of Israel, they aren’t a lot of the high end hotels. One of them, the Setai is built on the beach of the Sea of Galilee.

    Literally, it’s very nice. Rooms are large. They’re not rooms, they are villas. Each room either have a private swimming
    pool or a private hot tub. The downside of this hotel is the service.

    The service isn’t bad, but it’s not an American standard. The people there are a bit of zombies, you know, they won’t be very a kind, but still
    it’s a nice hotel, nice facility and the best luxury facility that is good also for kids.

    The Scots hotel

    Number nine, the Scots hotel in Tiberias. So the Scots hotel is very good non-kosher hotel built in the
    city of Tiberias, which is not such a vibrant city, but still you have access to the sea of Galilee.

    It’s built a nice Storic (Historic) building. The food there is good. The service is very good. If you want view to the old city, you need to pay for more expensive categories called Lake view room.

    Mizpe Hayamim

    Number ten, Mizpe Hayamim is the spa hotel of the Galilee area. You can only go there if you have kids
    that are 14 and up. This is a very interesting hotel.

    It’s built on a mountain. The rooms are renovated and now nice, really highly recommended.

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